Schools & Student Housing

If your building houses a private school, college, or an educational institution that houses students, a typical apartment building or condominium policy isn’t nearly enough to protect your investment against the heightened everyday risks involved.

Insurance companies apply a separate set of complex rules when student dwellers are in the mix, so there is no margin to err with bargain basement coverage. At Fenimore Insurance we have worked extensively with clients in need of special consideration for their year-round boarding schools, university off-campus housing, and beyond. We’ll help you navigate the river of uncertainty that comes with owning a building housing a private school or student housing facility, and we will do it The Fenimore Way: by leaning on our expertise to custom craft the right policy for you.

The following properties are eligible for our custom policy program:

  • On- and Off-Campus Dormitories
  • Boarding Schools
  • Student Housing Complexes
  • Private Schools & Academies
  • Vocational Schools
  • Pre-K through University
  • Fraternity & Sorority Housing

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There are many common pitfalls owners overlook when investing in an education-related property. Every year, facilities experience fire, flood, and structural damage. Man-made disasters are more likely to occur due to the sheer amount of people and the frequent activity happening on school grounds. If students are displaced, a property owner can be out thousands of dollars in rental income — and could even have to reimburse tuition.

Just because you are the owner of the building — not the school — does not mean you won’t need liability insurance to cover crimes committed on campus. In times that seem to be increasingly dangerous and uncertain, you will need the right coverage to protect your real estate investment. If an assault occurs on the grounds of your property you may find yourself being dragged into lengthy court proceedings that can be financially and emotionally draining.

Our comprehensive Schools & Student Housing policy package options include:

  • Property & Content Loss
  • General Liability
  • Loss of Income
  • Physical & Sexual Abuse Coverage
  • Flood & Earthquake
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Sewage Back Up
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Fire Damage
  • Medical
  • Assault & Battery
  • Liquor
  • Firearms Liability
  • Animal Liability


These are just a sampling of the policy features we customize for your unique School or Student Housing property.
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