The Fenimore Difference

Why Fenimore

We were made for this. Literally.

A New Yorker, born and raised, Joe Pollack knows real estate. He’s created a better way to provide hard-working real estate owners and investors the most effective insurance products in the business.


With his 20 years of field experience, Joe forsees the possible tribulations of a systemic, cookie-cutter approach. He knows the industry needs a shake-up. It’s not the client who has to fit into the product, but the product which must be customized for the client.

The Fenimore Way

Fenimore Insurance has established itself as a trusted and respected provider of property and casualty insurance for New York and surrounding areas.


A sharper, more focused lens is used to foster relationships with the most dependable insurers and reinsurers in the industry. Every real estate insurance provider says their goal is to offer the best and most cost-effective products, and certainly that is our goal as well, but Fenimore goes about things differently.


They are a team of innovative and experienced minds with a very specific, client-first approach.

A Clear Approach

At Fenimore Insurance, the approach is clearly defined:

We Specialize

Our Insight into the the real estate and property insurance arena gives us a distinct advantage and a tighter focus.

We Customize

No two clients are the same. By spending the time to understand client needs we ensure our ability to tailor-craft the right coverage plans with the right products.

Fenimore FAQ

Whom can I contact if I need help with my policy, such as before a refinance, after a claim, for payment concerns, or for other coverage questions?

At Fenimore Insurance, exceptional customer service is our priority. We have a full staff of knowledgeable personnel, including general service representatives, claims specialists, and expert producers who are ready to field all your inquiries. Whatever you need to cover your business or home, we’re here to help.

After I request a quote, how long will it typically take to receive an answer?

We can guarantee a quote within 72 hours, and in many cases, you’ll hear from us even sooner.

Once my policy is placed with your agency as the broker, what is the process for shopping my policy upon renewal?

Our dedicated customer service team will spend a good deal of time combing the market and negotiating the best possible deals. Whether you’re concerned about coverages, premiums, or both, we will present you with at least 2-3 competitive options to choose from. Fenimore’s experts will then review the details with you so you can make an informed renewal decision.

As a property owner, am I responsible for accidents caused by tenant activities? For instance, what if a dog bites a resident on property; a fight breaks out and someone gets hurt; or a shooting occurs in my building?

The legal system has found landlords and property owners liable for a variety of incidents and accidents occurring on their properties. Fenimore’s goal is to secure you an insurance policy with as little exclusions and limitations as possible. With a broad variety of coverages and limits, your property, valuables—and wallet—will always be protected.

Are all properties subject to the same types of risks and potential claims?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all risk assessment or policy. Depending on the location, state, tenants, and type of property you own, you may be subject to different types of exposure. Luckily, Fenimore has knowledge and expertise to evaluate and address your individual risks. We’ll work on a tailor-made policy that will meet all of your specific needs.

The bank approved my property loan, but they are requesting various changes to my policy. What will the process be like?

First, Fenimore will contact the bank and review their coverage requests. Then, we’ll work closely with the carrier to address required changes, making the closing process as quick, smooth and affordable as possible.

Do you offer any risk-transfer ideas?

Absolutely. We fully coach our clients and provide helpful techniques to help eliminate or reduce potential property or liability loss. Fenimore has a wealth of inside advice that policyholders should know and take advantage of whenever possible. With good risk transfer and loss control, you can avoid certain headaches down the line.

My property’s renovation plans have been approved. Can we keep our current policy, or are there any changes required?

A building undergoing renovation carries an entirely different set of exposures and risks. Fenimore’s experts can inform you of additional coverage for the property portion and for general liability.

How much time will it take to hear back from the carrier’s adjuster once we’ve placed a property claim?

Fenimore usually hears back within 24 hours, and we stay in touch with the carrier’s claims team to ensure yours is top priority. We also utilize a handful of seasoned public adjusters to help push along the process so that your claim is processed with the utmost urgency and you receive swift payment.

If I request a quote for an insurance policy, how does the process work?

To get you the best policy available, Fenimore’s procedure is quite simple. First, we do a complete review of your policy’s coverages, limits, exclusions forms, as well as premiums. Then, we market your file to various carriers and negotiate with underwriters on your behalf. Finally, we provide you with multiple choices, including comprehensive coverage and premium options at competitive rates. Along the way, we walk you through every single step, highlighting the pros and cons of each option so you can make the most informed decision. Fenimore’s goal is to equip you with the right knowledge so you can make an intelligent decision. One that’s economical and still suits your needs.

In which states can you write an insurance policy?

Fenimore Insurance is licensed and can quote and bind in all 50 states of the United States. We also have policies for international exposure and risks, such as in Europe, Asia, and more.

I’ve had my policies in place for a long time, but I would like to review their coverages and learn about any possible changes. Do you offer such a consultation service?

Yes, Fenimore Insurance is happy to assess your current policies and make smart recommendations. We’ll gather the present policies, review them in detail, and provide comprehensive advice on any possible enhanced coverage options you might consider.

Which insurance carriers does Fenimore represent?

We represent all major insurance carriers that write in the United States and abroad.

Do you offer a payment plan on the premium?

Some carriers offer a payment plan for premiums. In other cases, Fenimore can provide you with alternative financing options through a variety of financial institutions.

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