Residential Properties

Personal property ownership is
more than just an integral part of
the American Dream.

Owning residential properties in NYC, or anywhere else, is the culmination of your personal journey of hard work, diligence and determination. But the long-term security of your residential properties and overall investment portfolio cannot be conjured out of thin air — like a genie out of a bottle — just by waving ownership titles in the air.

Signing your name on a dotted line is only the beginning — the fiscal security and protection you require as a residential property owner only comes from casting a wide, protective net to ensure the longevity of your investment. Fenimore Insurance, as a real estate-exclusive brokerage, has the advantage of experience and knowledge — and this allows us to be uncommonly proactive. Understanding that each residential property presents its own unique set of challenges, and leveraging our specialized expertise, we work to get our clients out in front of the risks by packaging and delivering customized coverage plans that fit like a glove and can give you peace of mind.

The following are eligible for coverage under our custom policy program

  • Residential Properties
  • Apartments & Condominiums
  • High & Low Rise Residential Buildings
  • HOA Buildings
  • Multi-Family

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Why Fenimore

What is the worst-case scenario?
Take your pick:

Every day across the country property owners are inconvenienced mightily — in myriad ways — by situations that call into question the value and effectiveness of their residential policies. Considering that, annually, one out of every 15 insured homes will be subject to an insurance claim, the most substantial risk is, quite simply, the very high likelihood that a situation will occur.

We’ve seen it before. A residential owner watches his condo go down in one fell swoop. His family is devastated to learn that their policy from another provider does not offer supplemental coverage in the case of natural disaster. The risk, and the saddest result, is going completely unreimbursed for the loss of all of their valued and cherished contents.

Not on our watch.
At Fenimore Insurance our comprehensive Residential Properties
options include:

  • Replacement Cost
  • Agreed Amount Coverage
  • Ordinance of Law
  • Flood & Water Damage
  • Earthquake & Natural Disaster
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Equipment & Building Machinery
  • Undamaged Unit Loss
  • Sewage & Drains
  • Electrical
  • Fire Damage
  • Crime & Terrorism Loss


These are just a few of the many optional policy features we customize for your one-of-a-kind residential property.
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