Brownstones and Brick Homes

Owning a classic brownstone
is the ultimate real estate fantasy
for many homeowners.

But maintaining and restoring your architectural treasure in the event of disaster involves complex considerations. Whether you’re looking to adequately insure your brick rental investment or you need a custom-tailored plan to protect your family’s generational dream home, Fenimore Insurance has the intimate insight you need.

The following properties are eligible for our custom policy program:

  • Brownstones
  • Row Homes

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Due to their century-old history, classic brick brownstone residences can be high-maintenance and pose many challenges that translate into risk. For example, these homes often remain fitted with outdated systems. If you’re carrying a basic one-size-fits-all policy on your historic brownstone and the heating equipment fails mid-winter, you’ll likely be looking at paying thousands of dollars to bring systems up to code. Expect, on top of that, to shell out plenty more to restore the home’s historic features and details once internal systems have been updated.

Preserving original pre-war details per city regulation can be tricky, and — considering the effects of time alone — a brownstone owner can expect the likelihood of maintenance work on-sight. If a worker is hurt while laboring on your landmark brownstone, and you don’t have the right coverage, you could be liable for damages in the case of a lawsuit and could even lose your treasure.

Let Fenimore Insurance help you keep your brownstone protected. Our comprehensive brownstone coverage options include:

  • Special Form/Named Peril
  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Agreed Amount Coverage
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Terrorism Loss
  • General & Personal Liability
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Personal Inland Marine
  • Flood & Earthquake
  • Elevator
  • Sewage & Drainage
  • Green Upgrades
  • Local Ordinance
  • Rental Income Loss
  • Crime & Vandalism


These are just a few of the many optional features we can custom-tailor for your policy.
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